Regina Neighbourhoods

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Albert Park Regina
Albert Park (30)
Argyle Park Regina
Argyle Park (6)
Arnhem Place Regina
Arnhem Place (46)
Broders Annex Regina
Broders Annex (41)
Cathedral Regina
Cathedral (41)
Churchill Downs Regina
Churchill Downs (34)
Coronation Park Regina
Coronation Park (23)
Creekside Regina
Creekside (3)
Crescents Regina
Crescents (15)
Dieppe Place Regina
Dieppe Place (5)
Downtown District Regina
Downtown District (17)
East Pointe Estates Regina
East Pointe Estates (8)
Eastbrook Regina
Eastbrook (20)
Eastview Regina
Eastview (29)
Edgewater Regina
Edgewater (4)
Engelwood Regina
Engelwood (2)
Fairways West Regina
Fairways West (5)
Garden Ridge Regina
Garden Ridge (2)
Gardiner Heights Regina
Gardiner Heights (7)
Gardiner Park Regina
Gardiner Park (8)
General Hospital Regina
General Hospital (52)
Glen Elm Park Regina
Glen Elm Park (15)
Glencairn Regina
Glencairn (18)
Glencairn Village Regina
Glencairn Village (11)
Greens on Gardiner Regina
Greens on Gardiner (39)
Harbour Landing Regina
Harbour Landing (70)
Hawkstone Regina
Hawkstone (4)
Highland Park Regina
Highland Park (1)
Hillsdale Regina
Hillsdale (45)
Kensington Greens Regina
Kensington Greens (2)
Lakeridge Regina
Lakeridge (21)
Lakeview Regina
Lakeview (18)
Lakewood Regina
Lakewood (6)
Maple Ridge Regina
Maple Ridge (4)
McCarthy Park Regina
McCarthy Park (11)
Mount Royal Regina
Mount Royal (5)
Normanview Regina
Normanview (14)
Normanview West Regina
Normanview West (18)
Parkridge Regina
Parkridge (8)
Parliament Place Regina
Parliament Place (5)
Pioneer Village Regina
Pioneer Village (11)
Regent Park Regina
Regent Park (11)
Richmond Place Regina
Richmond Place (1)
River Bend Regina
River Bend (9)
River Heights Regina
River Heights (9)
Rochdale Park Regina
Rochdale Park (3)
Rosemont Regina
Rosemont (44)
Ross Industrial Regina
Ross Industrial (4)
Sherwood Estates Regina
Sherwood Estates (15)
Skyview Regina
Skyview (7)
The Creeks Regina
The Creeks (19)
The Towns Regina
The Towns (31)
Transition Area Regina
Transition Area (25)
University Park Regina
University Park (7)
University Park East Regina
University Park East (3)
Uplands Regina
Uplands (20)
Varsity Park Regina
Varsity Park (4)
Walsh Acres Regina
Walsh Acres (10)
Warehouse District Regina
Warehouse District (31)
Wascana View Regina
Wascana View (13)
Washington Park Regina
Washington Park (90)
Westerra Regina
Westerra (10)
Westhill Regina
Westhill (4)
Westhill Park Regina
Westhill Park (2)
Whitmore Park Regina
Whitmore Park (21)
Windsor Park Regina
Windsor Park (9)
Wood Meadows Regina
Wood Meadows (6)
Woodland Grove Regina
Woodland Grove (5)

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