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When it comes to choosing a place to call home, there are numerous factors to consider. Whether you are a young professional, a student, a family with children, or a retiree, the location you select can have a significant impact on your quality of life. That’s why we want to tell you all about Regina!

Downtown Regina Victoria Park with Hill Towers in the background

Regina, the capital city of Saskatchewan, is a city that often gets less attention than its more prominent counterparts in Canada, such as Toronto or Vancouver, but still has its own unique charm and a lot to offer. In this blog, we will explore the pros and cons of living in Regina and jump headfirst into the real estate and housing market, assess safety, and answer some common questions people often have about this city.

Pros and Cons of Living in Regina

We might as well start with the best, so here is a list of the greatest aspects of Regina living and why you should consider buying a house here!

Affordable Cost of Living

One of the most significant advantages of living in Regina is the cost of living compared to larger Canadian cities. Regina offers an array of housing options, whether you're looking to downsize to a condo or upgrade to a home, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a balanced and cost-effective lifestyle. Whether you're seeking affordable housing options, reasonable grocery prices, or accessible transportation, Regina's commitment to affordability ensures a high quality of life without straining your wallet. Enjoying cultural and recreational activities in the city is also within reach, making Regina an attractive choice for those seeking a balanced and cost-effective lifestyle.

Regina Real Estate Market

Regina offers an attractive real estate market for prospective homebuyers, with a wide range of housing options, including new developments and listings, catering to diverse preferences. As you delve into the city's neighbourhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal, you'll discover the perfect place to call home. Al Ritchie, Glen Cairn, Whitmore Park, Walsh Acres, and Dominion Heights are just a few examples of some of our favourites.

Whether you're seeking a modern single-family home in a family-friendly community, a luxurious townhome in a vibrant neighbourhood, or a cozy spot in one of Regina's many charming areas, Regina's real estate market and diverse neighbourhoods provide endless possibilities for residents to find their ideal living space.

Education Opportunities

Regina is home to the University of Regina, which offers a range of educational programs and opportunities. Whether you're a student or looking to further your career, the university is a valuable asset.

Sports and Entertainment

Mosaic Stadium, home to the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders, is a hub for sports and entertainment in Regina. Catching a game here is a fantastic experience, we promise! Additionally, the Royal Regina Golf Club and Power Skating Regina offer recreational activities for sports enthusiasts.

green football field turf with lines

Cultural Scene

Regina's vibrant cultural scene is a testament to its rich artistic heritage and contemporary creativity. The city offers an array of cultural experiences for its residents, showcasing the diversity of artistic expression. Art enthusiasts can explore galleries such as the Art Gallery of Regina, which places a special emphasis on Saskatchewan artists, and the Mackenzie Art Gallery, proudly serving as Saskatchewan's oldest public gallery.

For theatre aficionados, the Globe Theatre is a must-visit, hosting captivating live performances and even offering a theatre school for aspiring actors. And when it comes to live music, Regina doesn't disappoint, with venues like Revival Music Room and The Exchange regularly hosting electrifying live performances, ensuring that Regina's cultural scene continues to thrive and captivate the hearts of its residents.

New Developments

Regina is continuously evolving with new developments, providing opportunities for modern living and businesses. Among these developments, Discovery Ridge stands out as a family-friendly community situated just 10 minutes east of Regina in Pilot Butte. It offers modern single-family homes designed to meet the needs of today's families.

Meanwhile, the Preston Townhomes on George Street redefine luxury living in Regina with their exquisite finishes, including quartz countertops and open floor plans, catering to young professionals, growing families, and those looking to downsize in style. These developments reflect Regina's commitment to offering a diverse range of housing options and amenities, ensuring it remains a dynamic and appealing city for residents and businesses alike.

Harbour Landing Village

This locally owned retirement community offers unmatched facilities and services for seniors, making it an attractive option for retirees. They offer independent, assisted and supportive living options appealing to a range of individuals.

Disadvantages of Living in Regina, Saskatchewan

Because we live here, we can be honest about these drawbacks to Regina:

Harsh Winters

The rumours are true! Regina is cold and experiences harsh winters with heavy snowfall. If you're not a fan of shovelling snow and dealing with freezing temperatures, this can be a serious downside.

Distance from Major Cities

Regina is located relatively far from other major Canadian cities, which might be problematic for some people. Winnipeg, for example, is a 6-hour drive, so if you need to travel frequently to other cities, this could be classified quite easily as inconvenient.

Is Regina a Safe City?

We'd all like to think that we live in a safe city, especially here in Canada. The truth, though, is that larger cities often come with higher crime rates, often fluctuating with current economic and social concerns. Regina is generally a safe place to live, but like any city, it has its share of crime. Let's take a closer look:

Regina's Crime Rates

Regina has experienced fluctuations in crime rates over the years, and like many cities, certain neighbourhoods may have higher crime rates than others. Before looking at buying real estate in Regina, we encourage you to research specific areas and choose a neighbourhood that aligns with your safety preferences. We’re also here to help steer you in the right direction!

To address safety concerns, Regina has implemented community policing initiatives, which aim to build trust between law enforcement and the community to lower Regina’s struggle with crime. These efforts are ongoing, and the city is committed to ensuring the well-being of its residents.

While Regina faces safety challenges like any city, it's essential to note that many residents live here peacefully and without incident. As with any potential move, thorough research and personal judgment are vital.

Is it Worth Moving to Regina, Saskatchewan?

The decision to move to Regina should align with your specific lifestyle and career goals, but here are some factors to think about:

Career Opportunities

Research the job market in your field. Regina's economy is diverse, with opportunities in areas like healthcare, education, agriculture, and more. The city's growing economy is a positive sign for job seekers.

Quality of Life

Regina, overall, offers a good quality of life with affordable housing and various amenities, such as parks, cultural events, and sports activities.

wascana lake shoreline in the fall


Regina is also considered a family-friendly city with excellent schools like the popular Albert Community School, and a range of recreational opportunities for children.

Retirement Destination

For retirees, Regina can be an attractive destination (if you don’t mind the cold, of course), thanks to its affordable cost of living and retirement communities like award-winning Harbour Landing Village.

Personal Preference

Once again, we encourage you to consider your own preferences regarding climate, urban vs. suburban living, and proximity to major cities before making a home-buying decision. Ultimately, the decision to move to Regina should be based on your individual circumstances and goals, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Which Part of Regina is Best to Live In?

Regina offers a variety of neighbourhoods, so choosing the best one for you depends on your lifestyle and preferences. Here are a few neighbourhoods we like and think you should seriously consider:

Each part of the city has something great to offer, so it's a good idea to explore them in more detail with your realtor to find the one that suits you best.

Are House Prices Dropping in Regina?

The Regina housing market has seen its fair share of fluctuations in recent years, and while you can get all the current info from us about the latest market conditions, it's worth noting that Regina's real estate market is generally more affordable than larger Canadian cities.

houses in a newer area of regina

New developments and regular listings provide several options for homebuyers, making it a competitive market for those looking to purchase property. With Canadian housing markets collectively on the rise, Regina could be the hidden gem you need to buy your first home, investment property, or retirement accommodations.

Which One Is Better: Saskatoon or Regina?

If you’ve got Saskatoon on your radar alongside Regina, you might wonder which has more to offer. For starters, Regina and Saskatoon are the two largest cities in Saskatchewan, but they each have some defining traits to keep in mind:

Saskatoon, located north of Regina, is known for its vibrant arts scene and riverfront parks. It's an excellent option for those seeking a dynamic urban environment.

Regina, on the other hand, is the provincial capital and offers a blend of urban amenities with a slower-paced lifestyle. It's an excellent choice for those looking for a more affordable cost of living.

What is the Weather Like in Regina?

Weather did make the “cons” list earlier, but here is a general rundown of a typical year in Regina:

Does It Rain a Lot in Regina?

Regina's climate is usually characterized by dry summers and cold winters. While rainfall does occur, it is relatively low compared to other Canadian cities, and the city itself is known for its clear skies and sunny days during the summer. However, the dry climate can be challenging for some individuals, so it's important to consider your weather preferences and tolerances.

How Bad Is Winter in Regina?

As we already hinted at, Regina's winters can be quite harsh, with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. Snow removal is a regular part of life during the winter months, and you can expect to build up some great arm muscles shovelling your neighbours’ driveway! If you enjoy winter activities like skiing and ice skating, this type of weather can be a bonus, but if you dislike cold weather and snow, Regina might not be your cup of hot cocoa.

Final Thoughts

Regina is a great place to call home and, like every city, comes equipped with its own list of advantages and disadvantages. Its affordable cost of living, education opportunities, cultural scene, and affordable real estate market are attractive features if you’re thinking about moving the family, but the harsh winters, distance from major cities, and dry climate can also be a deal breaker.

Ready to talk about Regina real estate? Call us today to get the ball rolling with one of our top professionals and see what Saskatchewan can do for you.

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